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Investigation Management and Crisis Advisory Services in Malaysia


Quality Representation During Regulatory Investigations

We can assist you in investigations involving competition, securities law, corruption, money laundering and fraud and those arising from computer hacking and data breaches. Where necessary we work with experts in conducting multinational investigations involving alleged violations of these laws.


Crisis Advisory

When legal crises develop, immediate and appropriate response is critical. From whistleblower investigations to data breaches, our lawyers help companies to understand and to appropriately respond — to the board, shareholders, media outlets and regulatory agencies.

Our goal is to find favorable resolutions for our clients. At times we may recommend changes in compliance, ethics and financial control procedures and communicate progress of these to the regulator.

Our detailed understanding of the legal process as well as knowledge of enforcement framework, enables us to advise Boards, GCs and individuals on how best to respond in any given situation.


Position Your Business for Success, Not Substantial Risk

Changes in the regulatory arena have resulted in the authorities taking a more stringent approach. The reach of the arm of the law in Malaysia has never been greater. The risk of failing to comply with regulations is substantial. As such, it is vital that your business keeps current with the latest developments.

You need in-depth, insightful advice on ongoing supervision and compliance issues. At SK Chambers, our goal is to ensure that you operate with sound policies and procedures. Our compliance counselling involves preparing the client for critical business issues that may arise and providing advice when they do. We cover the following:

  • How to handle a dawn raid
    Click here for SK Chambers Dawn Raid Training Programme
  • Pursuing internal Investigations – following events like whistleblowing, internal audit review, or suspected fraud or corruption
  • Requirements of international bribery legislation
  • What steps should be taken if an employee has been accused cartel practices
  • What to do if a director/senior management is accused of fraudulent or corrupt activities
  • How to proceed in the event of a regulatory investigation
  • Options available in defending a claim of anti-competitive practices


Minimising Risk; Maximising Security

The goal of all thorough risk management programmes is to minimise risk while maintaining a company’s ability to thrive in the marketplace. It is this goal that our team of skilled regulatory lawyers works toward every day.

We strategically approach creating risk and crisis management procedures to ensure we capture all aspects of a client’s business. We look to issues such as pricing, data protection, trading and contractual obligations. Once drafting is complete, we can assist with training and auditing so that employees are aware of the programme and follow the programme throughout the business’s lifecycle.


Global Risk Requires a Nuanced Approach

Global investigations and enforcement are becoming the norm. Domestic regulators are coordinating their activities globally. The extra-territorial application of laws in some instances calls for company policies to prohibit practices that violate the most stringent laws. At the same time other practices may call for more discretion, where risk management rather than risk avoidance is sufficient. This nuanced approach is the hallmark of the services we offer.


Your ideal Local Counsel

Doing business in Malaysia or with Malaysian companies requires a thorough understanding of competition and regulatory law. Our firm can give you the intelligent, practical solutions you need to protect your interests.

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