SK Chambers

Rely on Our Private Sector and Regulatory Experience


At SK Chambers, our team is built on the foundational knowledge of individuals who have worked in both the private sector and at regulatory agencies. This knowledge ensures the following:

  • From the regulatory perspective, we understand that private sector needs to convey its perspective to regulators.
  • From the private sector standpoint, we understanding the minimum standards that guidelines have to achieve so that not only do they promote compliance, but they are also created in a manner so as not to hamper businesses from proceeding.


Promoting Compliance Without Disrupting Enterprise

The goal of regulation is to promote compliance. It is essential, however, that regulation not become so burdensome that it overwhelms a company’s ability to carry on with everyday business.

Keeping this balance at the forefront of our practice, we can provide regulatory services to government agencies and state-owned organisations as well as corporations. Our regional and global compliance work for corporations allows us to provide comparative perspectives on regulatory approaches. Additionally, our lawyers have had significant experience in drafting laws and regulations necessary in the creation of market economies.


A Sampling of Our Advisory Services

We are available to advise Malaysian regulators at all parts of the regulatory process. This includes advising on law reform and legislative review, and ensuring that reforms are consistent with multilateral, bilateral, and national concerns.

The greatest value we can offer, however, is in developing a clear and coherent picture that will help define the most appropriate course of action to pursue, including:

  • Writing consultation papers
  • Consolidating comments and providing guidance
  • Drafting legislative reforms, guidelines, concept papers and policy statements
  • Addressing procedural safeguards that should be woven in to address potential challenges under judicial review of administrative action in Malaysia
  • Emphasising the importance of ensuring that due process considerations are appropriately addressed in the guidelines.


Also Offering Implementation Assistance

Given our Malaysia and Southeast Asian presence, we are readily available to assist authorities in any way required to ensure successful implementation of new guidelines and policies. We are also here to support the submission of those guidelines and policies to government bodies, special committees and review bodies in areas such as anti-trust and corporate law, media and telecommunications.

Call On SK Chambers for Regulatory Guidance and Support

When it comes time to address regulatory reform on matters affecting private-sector businesses, make sure you create the right team to analyse all aspects of that reform. You can reach us at +60 3 2011 6800 or you can send our legal team an email.