Mastering the Ever-Evolving Area of Regulatory Law


The flow of new rules and regulations across regional, national and international borders continues to intensify. No matter how large, small or diversified your organisation, almost every part of it is affected by a complex web of constantly evolving regulation, and is subject to enforcement actions and fines.

At SK Chambers, we can use our in-depth knowledge of Malaysian regulatory law to give advice and create sound compliance practices that keep your company in the good graces of regulatory officials.


Our Competition Law & Regulatory Services

In-house counsel at organisations—local or global—deal with myriad issues on any given day. While most issues can be dealt with in-house, there are certain areas in which it is best to work with skilled, knowledgeable outside counsel. Those areas include:

One of our lawyers is a former regulator, providing them with first-hand knowledge of what it takes to liaise with regulators and respond to investigations. This also means we understand the dynamic interrelationships between competition law, economic principles and regulatory requirements. As such, we are able to take the time and put forth the effort required to establish what is best for any given organisation.

Contact Our Lawyers and Former Regulators for Guidance

Put our knowledge to work for your company. Call on our skilled lawyers at SK Chambers via phone at +60 3 2011 6800 or connect with our Malaysian firm online. We will discuss options with you and provide you with the framework your company needs to remain in compliance.