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Supporting Solicitors in Competition Matters


Competition law and related regulatory legal matters are fairly new areas of law. They are complex; they require in-depth technical knowledge. They require an understanding of economic principles such as dominance and market power. This knowledge is not readily acquired overnight.


Enter the Legal Team at SK Chambers

When your client’s case is facing a complex competition law issue or where there is potential to incorporate competition law considerations in your pleadings, you want to ensure you have all the tools and resources at the ready so you can give your client its best chance at success. You will find such a resource in our team at SK Chambers.


Particular Proficiency in Competition Law

Competition law is a dynamic practice area that includes not only the practice of law but also the application of the economic principles underpinning the exercise of competition. We have the relevant experience and knowledge to assist you with all aspects of this area. For instance, we can:

  • Handle all preliminaries in respect of any litigation or infringement action by the authorities, including attending meetings, gathering of facts and evidence, carrying out research and searches with relevant agencies
  • Consolidate facts, evidence and law and present the same to enable counsel to analyse and opine on
  • Draft cause papers and pleadings, liaising with relevant experts and assist counsel in settling the same
  • Attend case management and advise counsel on developments
  • Gather and compile all documentary and other evidence and assisting counsel in preparing witness statements including expert witness statements
  • Prepare and file the relevant applications, appeals and/or judicial reviews
  • Assist counsel at all proceedings

Along with our own skills and knowledge, we have a readily accessible network of experts from various industries and backgrounds, including those in technology, transportation and telecommunications. You can rest assured that if we do not have what you need, we know who will.

Contact Our Lawyers for Litigation Support

Whether you are facing a complex competition law issue or you need assistance with similar items listed above in our other areas of practice, call us. You may reach us at +60 3 2011 6800 or you can also contact us online. We will talk through your case and our capabilities to determine if we can provide you with niche knowledge your case requires.